Honey Mandarin & Cardamom Marmalade

We love mandarins in our house, when I was pregnant I ate kilos and kilos of them..! It’s not often there are any left for me to turn into recipes..Photo 7-06-17, 13 07 42.jpg

10 Mandarins
2 lemons
1 cup honey
2 tsp ground cardamom

Peel the mandarins, using the sharp egde of a small knife scrape as much of the pith from the peel and the mandarins, the pith makes the marmalade bitter.

Using a peeler, peel the lemons leaving as much pith as you can on the lemon.

Finely chop the mandarin and lemon peel, place in a heavy based saucepan, pour 2 cups of water into the pan, cover and bring to the boil cook for about 5 mins.

Remove the white pith from the lemons, chop roughly removing the seeds. Do the same with the mandys, add to the saucepan with the cardamom, reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour. Stir in the honey, simmer for a further 30minutes or until the marmalade has thickened. Carefully ladle into jars. Store in the fridge.

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