Mushroom, Thyme & White Wine Soup with a Rocket & Cashew Cream

Cashew Rocket Cream

1 cup cashews, soaked overnight

2 large handfuls of rocket

4 tsp savoury yeast/nutritional yeast

½ cup water

salt to season


Drain cashews and rinse in fresh cold water. Place all the ingredients into a high-powered food processer or smoothie maker, blitz until smooth, season to taste (I added ½ teaspoon of salt, no pepper)


Mushroom Soup


300g white button mushrooms

300g Swiss brown mushrooms

300g Portobello mushrooms

2 onions, diced medium

8 garlic cloves, crushed

Small brunch thyme, leaves removed

½ cup white wine

1 litre vegetable stock

Season to taste (I added 4 teaspoons of salt and 30 rounds of my pepper grinder)


Preheat the oven to 200°c. Roughly chop the mushrooms, season with salt and pepper, drizzle with oil and roast in the oven for 30-40mins or until the mushrooms are soft.

In a large saucepan, place the diced onion and garlic with a small amount of oil, sauté until soft, set aside until mushrooms are cooked. Once the mushrooms are cooked add to the saucepan with the white wine and thyme leaves. Bring back up to heat and cook for 5 minutes, add the stock. Leave to simmer on a medium heat for 40mins. Blitz up until smooth, season to taste. Mushrooms tend to need quite a lot of salt, add a small amount at a time until you have the flavor you desire.


When serving add a tablespoon of cashew cream to the middle of the soup. Garnish with a few rocket leaves.





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